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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Rock Island County Public Works and Facilities Committee met August 12

By Rock Island Today Reports | Oct 17, 2019


Rock Island County Public Works and Facilities Committee met Aug. 12.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

Members Present: L. Burns, B. Westpfahl, E. Sowards, E. Langdon, D. Adams, R. Morthland, R. Brunk

Members Absent : J. Deppe, B. Reagan

Others Present: J. Boudi, L. Ewert, A. Palmer, C. Layer, G. Thorpe, C. Przybyla, J. Hall

2. Public Comment- None at this time

3. Approval of the minutes from the July meeting Motion to approve: E. Langdon

2nd D. Adams

Voice Vote

Motion Carried

4. Reports to Committee

J. Boudi: Nothing new this month. Continuing QA AC on aerial photography; very impressed with that. We’ve been very very happy with Surdex the company we hired. Census is ongoing through the end of next year. $19,587 received in recorder fee revenue for the month. Still have not hit $20,000 and that’s my goal for summer months.

Motion to Approve: R. Morthland 

2nd E. Sowards

Motion Carried

G. Thorpe: Reporting total receipts 88 for net revenue $15,952.80. 1.3 million Compared to last year 93 permits behind in activity. Fee in lieu payment; behind in houses. Trending down. Breakdown by square foot. Way above the national average I did get a letter from IDNR. Awarded a grant; back in April. Different process than FEMA. Looks like about 1.4 million. Only other thing IDPA audit on storm water program. Definitely learning between my office and the highway department.

Motion to Approve: E. Langdon

2nd D Adams

C. Layer: Working on 2 construction projects and are just a day short of finishing. Finishing Turkey Hollow Road. Thankfully, No one drove through the hole.

B. Westpfahl: Anything on Bowling Township Bridge? 

C. Layer: I really can’t answer too much.

Motion to approve: B Westpfahl

2nd E. Langdon

J. Snider: We had the first Budget meeting last Thursday and reviewed EAV 2020 to determine how we are financially. Looking at significant request from sheriff’s department and other departments requesting; next meeting projected deficit and make some hard decisions on how to get through.

The State’s Attoreny has looked to hire the Polsinelli law firm on sale of their nursing home facility. Review RFP process from our RFI to seek a real estate broker to market the home; market and Millichap. Delay the review that proposal. There is a proposal that will be on the agenda from MPA to requesting that be considered on advice and guidance. Still determining the legal aspect of the request for proposal. Champaign County had conditions on their nursing home sale. From what I’ve been told basically they only received one bid. We could lose up to 3 million dollars in the purchase price. Working a lot behind the scenes reviewing the matter with the State’s attorney.

This law firm; $400,000 ahead of the curve and don’t anticipate getting near that amount. No more than $1000 a month; hourly contract. Funding through inner fund loan from liability and reimburse that from the sale of the home.

Medical marijuana is coming for recreational use; sales tax on use of recreational marijuana. There’ll be a new law that cities could pass telecommunications tax. 6% telecommunications tax. Best bill ever passed user tax and went on everyone’s cell phone bill. Levy up to 3 % sold in the cities in our county. 3.75% little but of question on timing on collecting that; Hoping to have that resolution before you next month. Medical Marijuana will be able to open Jan 1.

Still in negotiation with ASCME and this is the 6th month of negotiations with Hope Creek. Not really making much progress there.

B. Westpfahl: With the marijuana; Can you buy it anywhere?

J. Snider: With the way the law is written you can grow it in your own home. R. Morthland: CBA with sale of nursing home?

J. Snider: I believe we have one medical dispensary in the County. There are going to be line outside there, people coming from Iowa. Municipalities can also restrict. I’d imagine located in East Moline, Moline or Rock Island. We get more sales tax. The sheriff’s association of the state is just aghast with this.

Motion to approve: D. Adams

2nd: R. Morthland

5. Consider ZBA Committee

a. RZ-19-103 Holevolt Trust

G. Thorpe: This was af2 to se2 to board’s recommendation was to grant. Variances don’t come to this. Only special use permits

Motion to approve: B. Westpfahl

2nd R. Morthland

6. Committee Member Opportunity for Brief Comment

R.Morthland: I said something on the mowing but I was on John last month. I’ve been really impressed with their work.

R. Brunk: Just a reminder for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Over the Edge Initiative; On August 23rd, we had surpassed $1000. I know the city of Rock Island already reached $1500. I’d encourage everyone to get online and donate for that.

7. Adjourn

The committee adjourned at 8:53 AM

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