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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Rock Island County Administration Committee considers approving claims

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By Rock Island Today Reports | Feb 25, 2017


The Rock Island County Administration Committee met Nov. 9 to consider approving claims.

Here are the meeting's minutes, as provided by the committee:

Administration Committee Minutes Wednesday November 9, 2016 8:30 am

The Administration Committee of the Rock Island County Board met at the above date and time in the Conference Room of the Administration Office on the second floor of the County Building, 1504 Third Ave, Rock Island, IL. Chair Mia Mayberry called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. Minutes as follows:

1) Call to order and roll call

Committee members present: Mia Mayberry, Kai Swanson, Ginny Shelton, Nick Camlin, Jeff Deppe, Drue Mielke, Ron Oelke

Committee members absent: None

Others present: Dave Ross, Kurt Davis, Trent Vandersnick, Kenneth Maranda, Hayleigh Covella, April Palmer, Steve Venhuizen

2) Approval of the minutes from the October 11, 2016 meeting

Motion to approve: Nick Camlin 2nd: Jeff Deppe Voice vote Motion carried

3) Public comments

There were no public comments.

4) Consider transfers of appropriations

Motion to approve: Jeff Deppe 2nd: Kai Swanson, Ginny Shelton Voice vote Motion carried

5) Consider appropriation resolutions for funds

Motion to approve: Jeff Deppe 2nd: Nick Camlin, Kai Swanson Voice vote Motion carried

Rock Island County 1504 Third Avenue Rock Island, IL 61201 (309) 558-3605

6) Consider approval of claims

Motion to approve: Kai Swanson 2nd: Drue Mielke Voice vote Motion carried

7) Consider approval of treasurer’s disbursements (TDs)

Motion to approve: Jeff Deppe 2nd: Kai Swanson Voice vote Motion carried

8) Consider managed print services contract

Mr. Davis explained that for managed print services, the county currently contracts with RK Dixon. They are trying to save some money, of course, so he contacted them to renegotiate the contract which ends in December 2017. The county currently pays $10,159.73/month for toner, servicing, copiers, and printers. They have a total of 54 leased copiers and printers and a total of 84 on the agreement. He contacted RK Dixon to renegotiate that and they determined they could save the county $800-850/month. He reached out to other managed print services in the area. The quotes he received from them were in the online packet. Five companies replied: RK Dixon, Advanced Business Systems, Advanced Systems, Office Machine Consultants, and Access Systems. RK Dixon came in at the least at $6,750.00. That’s a savings of $3,409.73.

Ms. Mayberry asked how much the current contract is per month. Mr. Davis said $10,159.73 depending on overages, etc.

Ms. Mayberry noted that the current contract expires next year and asked if they’re letting the county out of that and if new negotiations will start immediately. Mr. Davis said yes. He is excited for the new contract and will start right away. They weighed everything and RK Dixon was the lowest. They had a Department Head meeting and all Department Heads are on board with it. They have had no issues with RK Dixon. Everyone’s happy with them. Mr. Davis requested going with RK Dixon for managed print services.

Mr. Oelke asked how long the contract is for. Mr. Davis said five years. Ms. Shelton said it’s a significant savings. Mr. Ross said it’s about $150-160,000 over the life of the contract. It’s a little over $36,000 per year. Mr. Oelke asked if anyone is worried about the length of the contract. He noted that it’s good to lock in the savings, but if something happened where the county became unsatisfied with them he asked if it is fairly uncomplicated to get out. Mr. Davis said there would be a buyout. They had talked before about a 36 month lease, but it’s a lease. They’d be leasing big equipment here. That raises the rates. Mr. Oelke said they wouldn’t give them the same price rate. Ms. Mayberry said this sounds like it would work out for a longer

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period because they have this rate locked in. Ms. Shelton added that they’re a reputable company.

Mr. Davis explained that the county is also starting to do more printing in house. They used to have a copy center downstairs. They started outsourcing that. Last year they spent around $48,000 to outsource printing. He’d like to bring that back in. This contract includes a color production printer. They’d replace the big one with a color printer and save money $3,700/month. Mr. Maranda said he’s thrilled for it to be in use again. It’s sat there for a couple of years. They were compelled to hold it.

Mr. Davis noted that the final price could vary a little bit because they need to finalize the equipment. It shouldn’t vary too much.

Motion to approve: Ginny Shelton 2nd: Kai Swanson Voice vote Motion carried

9) Reports to the Committee

a) Condition of Funds – Ms. Palmer i. State of IL Payments

Ms. Palmer provided her monthly reports. She began with the trial balance or budgetary standings of the departments and funds that report to this committee.

Ms. Palmer noted that one that is over budget at this moment is Court Administration. The committee just approved resolutions to increase that. They can’t do much about it. They just have expensive court cases over there and she has to spend the money.

They’re a little over in the Coroner’s office right now due to some autopsies and transports being a little bit more expensive due to what Mr. Gustafson has to do now as opposed to when he had the doctor he used to have. That’s just slightly over. It’s nothing big like the Court Administration Office.

Ms. Palmer explained that those are the only two that are actually over budget. There are a couple of zero balances in unbudgeted funds that are just collecting money and not spending a lot.

On the fund balance page, the General Fund balance this fiscal year has gone down $3,056,000. Compared to last October 31st, it’s down $1,000,000. That’s due to revenue not being like it was last year. That is now down $500,000 in revenue as opposed to in September when Ms. Palmer was telling the committee it was up $500,000. There’s $1 million right there in one month’s time during October. They couldn’t bring in what they brought in last October.

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Ms. Palmer reported that expenses are up about $348,000. That’s really not too bad. Expenses are holding pretty strong compared to a year ago with costs rising, all of the union contract raises coming into effect, and step increases that happen pretty much every week depending on when anniversary dates fall.

Ms. Palmer noted that from September to October for the month, the county brought in about $1.735 million in additional revenue. As far as budgeted revenues not yet received, they still have $4.5 million left they could get. They can collect that through January 31, 2017. To compare, from November 2015 through January 2016 they brought in $4.754 million. Hope is still there that they can collect most, if not all, of that money. She knows they did just receive some money earlier this week and so can meet payroll without having to borrow. That was good news from the Treasurer’s Office.

From September to October on the flip side, the county spent about $2 million. This will be a bit more because they’re not working with just a month. They have some payroll expenses and some expenses in December that will date back for November. They do date those back. Ms. Palmer figured that if she bases it upon what they spent last November, they spent $2.76 million. If they round it up to $3 million, that’s way better than spending the $4.71 million in the budgeted expenses not yet made column. That’s a savings overall for the year of about $1.7 million. That’s saying a lot and she thinks that’s really good. That will keep the $2.8 million loss down quite a bit. Unfortunately it’s not to $0, but it’s better than anticipated.

Animal Control has a lower negative fund balance than at the beginning of the year. Revenues have been over expenses this year. That’s good. Revenue is also higher than last fiscal year as of October 31 and expenses are lower. They’re going in the right direction. They have a long way to wipe out the $250,000 that they are in the hole fund balance wise, but Ms. Palmer thinks they probably won’t have to do any of the $95,000 transfer to them that was budgeted from the General Fund. She is hopeful for that. They just have another month and a half to go there. They might not need the cash.

Ms. Palmer noted that Child Welfare is doing amazing. They’re lower again than last October. The budget spent so far is only 73%. That’s a direct savings to the General Fund because that entire fund is directly transferred in there from the General Fund. Ms. Palmer thinks they’ll have a savings of about $200,000 on a $1.1 million budget. That’s wonderful news.

Ms. Palmer reported that Liability Insurance, as the committee knows, had large settlement costs that required substantial money to be added to the budget. That depleted the fund balance and cash balance. They do have the full working cash loan of $500,000 in there right now. It’ll remain that way until the county starts collecting property taxes next year. That’s unfortunate because then the General Fund can’t use those funds from Working Cash. That’s the way it goes. They can’t control that sometimes.

Court Security has a lower negative than last year at this same time. Comparatively speaking, from November 2015 to November 2016, the revenue should equal the expenses just about.

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Ms. Palmer is looking at $140,000 as being maybe what will be needed from the transfer from the General Fund. That was budgeted at $240,000, so that’s a $100,000 savings.

The COPS Fund has a lower negative than last October. They should get about $56,000 more in revenue from outside sources. There are about 2.5 more payrolls in this fund and this fund is payroll heavy. They’ll need about $86,000 from the General Fund and only have $47,000 budgeted. That is a little bit sad, but Child Welfare, Animal Control, and Court Security all having savings to the General Fund outweighs COPS needing money from the General Fund.

On cash balance page, General Fund cash is $1.231 million lower than last October. The only thing that affects cash and not the fund balance is loans being paid back. Ms. Palmer doesn’t see that happening any time soon from those funds that owe money. At least those transfers will stay low. Since they got that state revenue in this week, they are going to meet payroll on Friday. It looks like there’s absolutely no way, but they pulled it out again.

The Coroner’s Fee Fund has spent a little over the $24,000 of planned reserve spending. This one is not a concern even though it looks way down from last year.

Animal Control cash is $153,000. That’s approximately two months’ worth of spending. Ms. Palmer thinks they’ll be able to get through November, collect more revenue, and go through December without having to spend any of that $95,000 transfer.

Under Court Automation, the Circuit Clerk is spending money to get ready to move and store those documents. She had planned spending reserves of $82,000 and has spent $78,000 of that so far. She may go a little over, but it’s a healthy fund right now. They know she will have a lot more expenses in the future.

The Child Support cash finally dipped into the negative by $624.00. Ms. Weikert is usually able to support that fund with transfers from Court Document with a $910,000 budget. That’s where they’re going so far. She does have that income tax being withheld in the future and should start recouping dollars next year. Maybe that will hold off long enough so the General Fund doesn’t have to step in and help support the Child Support Fund. Revenue is really the big concern there. There is only 49% collected. Having people’s income tax refunds withheld and coming to the county is going to help immensely.

State of Illinois payments are a big problem for the General Fund. They’re only back to July on the great big huge dollars that come in. At the top of the page, they’re only paid up through July. There are some salary reimbursements that are paid up through September, which is where they’d expect them to be by the end of October. Those are good. Probation Officer salary reimbursements fell really behind. They haven’t collected those for a little while. They just got May’s in in October and that’s concerning. That’s part of the General Fund’s problem.

Motion to approve: Ginny Shelton 2nd: Drue Mielke

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Voice vote Motion carried

b) Information Systems – Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis presented his monthly report.

Motion to approve: Kai Swanson 2nd: Ron Oelke Voice vote Motion carried

c) Public Defender – Mr. Heintz

Mr. Heintz’s report was in the packet.

d) Emergency Management Agency – Mr. Shirk

Mr. Shirk’s report was in the packet.

e) Court Services – Mr. Vandersnick

Mr. Vandersnick presented his monthly report. He noted that he just got an email from Ms. Alberts that she got June’s reimbursement in.

Motion to approve: Drue Mielke 2nd: Ginny Shelton Voice vote Motion carried

f) Circuit Court – Ms. Weikert

There was no report.

g) Animal Control – Ms. DeYoung

Ms. DeYoung’s report was in the packet.

h) Coroner – Mr. Gustafson

Mr. Gustafson’s report was in the packet.

i) Sheriff – Captain Hart

Captain Venhuizen presented the monthly report.

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Ms. Mayberry asked if it was a pretty typical month. Captain Venhuizen said yes. The population is increasing. It has been since the summer. On Monday they were at one of their highest at 295. They’re full.

Motion to approve: Kai Swanson 2nd: Ron Oelke, Ginny Shelton Voice vote Motion carried

10) Closed Session as per 5 ILCS 120/2(c) (21) – Discussion of minutes of meetings lawfully closed under this Act, whether for purposes of approval by the body of the minutes or semi-annual review of the minutes as mandated by Section 2.06

The committee did not go into closed session.

11) Consider action as necessary based on closed session

Motion to approve: Nick Camlin 2nd: Ginny Shelton, Jeff Deppe Voice vote Motion carried

12) Committee member opportunity for brief comments (no decisions will be made)

Mr. Maranda wanted to say how privileged they are to have Ms. Mayberry on the County Board with them. She was just recognized for being one of the most outstanding. He just wanted to bring that up while she’s right here. The committee applauded. Ms. Mayberry said thank you very much.

Ms. Mayberry reminded the committee that they are transitioning and will be under a new structure next month. She’s sure they’ll get all the information before then. She said it’s been a privilege to serve as the committee’s chairwoman and she looks forward to moving forward.

13) Adjourn

Chair Mia Mayberry adjourned the meeting at 8:53 a.m.

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