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Monday, January 20, 2020

City of Kewanee City Council met November 12

By Rock Island Today Reports | Dec 6, 2019

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City of Kewanee City Council met Nov. 12.

Here is the minutes provided by the council:

The City Council met in Council Chambers at 7:00 PM with the Mayor calling the meeting to order and the following answering to roll call:

Steve Faber Council Member

Chris Colomer Council Member

Michael Yaklich Council Member

Michael Komnick Council Member

Gary Moore Mayor

News media present was as follows:

Mike Helenthal Star Courier

Sean Kernan WKEI

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Mayor Moore asked for a moment of silence for our troops still fighting overseas.

Mayor Moore explained that the next items were placed on the consent agenda and were considered to be routine in nature to be passed as a whole with one vote of the Council. Mayor Moore requested that any member of the Council or the audience wishing to have an item removed from the consent agenda for individual consideration to make the request and the item would be removed and considered following the approval of the remaining consent items. The consent agenda included minutes from the October 28th, 2019 Council Meeting, payroll for the pay period ending October 26th, 2019 in the amount of $211,080.35, The consent agenda items were approved on a motion made by Council Member Colomer and seconded by Council Member Komnick. Roll call showed 5 ayes, no nays. The motion passed 5 aye 0 nay.

Bills submitted for approval totaling $563,678.01 were approved on a motion made by Council Member Yaklich and seconded by Council Member Faber. Council Member Komnick stated that he was given his answers earlier in the week. Council Member Yaklich started with the petty cash and he was concerned about some NSF on checks that were paid. Debbie Johnson stood and stated that these were checks written to the city that have bounced and we have to go to the bank and make them right and then collect from the resident that wrote the check. Also drawer shortages are random and its just miss counting. The neon sign was repaired at the train station. Spets Brothers bill was late to the City. The City Clerk stated that WWTP had purchased paint to match existing paint and that the City was just getting the bill and numerous phone calls were made to clarify where to send the bill with no answer so City Clerk stated that she was going to mail it to the address on the bill. Martin equipment and repairs to loaders and backhoes. Yaklich wanted to know if these were annual repairs or general repairs. Kevin Newton stated he would have to look at the invoices and get a clearer answer. But stated that we have John Deere equipment and parts are purchased for these are from Martin. City Clerk stated she would email them the copies or the statements. Yaklich question MERC and the sidewalk project. City Manager Bradley stated that MERC won the bid for both sidewalk and Viaduct. City Manager Bradley stated the viaduct would be at 100k plus. The current check to them was a partial payment. We have a bill for Northwest plumbing and heating, Yaklich asked why we were not local. Kevin Newton stated the local businesses do not service the roof top units. Newton also stated that the tech that he uses does live in Kewanee. Close and easy to call in. Last question about sludge. Yaklich stated that he is looking for the semi annual reports. City Manager Bradley stated ok. Council Member Colomer asked how much was left in the lagoon. CM Bradley stated it hold 1.2 million gallons but we do have to leave some in there to help with the waste and digestion. CM Bradley stated its pretty empty. Repairs are going to be made. The motion was passed with 5 aye and 0 nay.



• Keith Edwards started the conversation about outdoor wood burners for residential homes. Was trying to get ahead of the game and get something on the books. Currently we have no ordinance in place. He sought out the dealer outside of town with Central Boiler. Craig Klavaugn stepped to explain a bit about his company. He is an independent dealer and a client. He started with how the federal government got involved to reduce the emissions and efficiencies. Whats happened over the years a better boiler was founded. These are virtual smokeless machines. The are basically little incinerators with no to little waste. The EPA satutes states that the old style are not for residential use. With less waste there is not as much need to have stacks of wood like in the old days. These units use about half as much wood. Craig stated it’s a great way to heat a home. Craig stated there are a few more styles like pellet burners. But these are also kept outside. These units are a bit more work and messy. These burn corn, cherry pits and all of these are also EPA certified. Council Member Yaklich started with some of the comments were to limit time of year these can be used. Does this take away the benefits for a consumer? Craig stated not necessarily, we have a lot of people that use them to heat their pools for a short time. Mayor Moore asked approx. how much a unit cost. Craig stated between 8500.00 and 10k. Not for everyone. There are some units close to our city in neighboring towns. Council Member Colomer asked about the safety of these units outside and anyone able to reach out and touch the box. Craig stated you could hold your hands on the front and sides with no burning. Blower fans on these are very quiet. Yaklich was concerned about the wood storage and keeping the town neat and clean. Craig stated a carport is a good idea to keep wood clean and dry. Council Member Komnick was curious about how many are sold per year. Craig stated approx. 22 so far this year. Mayor Moore attested he would love to see one in operation. Colomer stated he could make those arrangements.

• Kathy Albert with KEDC to give a brief presentation about what they do for the city of Kewanee. They help with recruiutment of new businesses and the solar project. They have visited numerous sites and studies. Sun-Pen has been in contact and is ahead of they time frame. Multiple events have took place in the 6 counties. The next fast pitch contest with be in May 2020. Since 2012 They have had 95 contestants in past year with $50k in cash prizes $442,000.00 in prizes. The Prairie Chicken festival was a great success and incorporated many efforts with partnerships with KEDC and the City of Kewanee. Council Member Yaklich asked about the revolving loan fund. CM Bradley stated we have not looked lately at the balance and he can get that to the board. The payments are being made and that is the monitoring that CM Bradley has watched. Yaklich stated its not productive sitting in a bank account. CM Bradley stated the meeting that he has had people are looking for free money not another loan.

• Ordinace amending the Business regulations in regards to Billiards Halls. Motion made by Komnick and seconded by Faber. Council Member Yaklich started with he needs more time. CM Bradley stated we got his late also.but wanted to do best for the resident. After looking at the Ordinance noticed how archaic this is and we already not following this currently with businesses in our City. City Clerk stated that this came to her attention and this was the chance to make this correct. CM Bradley stated we have businesses now that are not up to code. Yaklich stated his word of caution is not to open a pandoras box. Yaklich stated it deserves more thought and discussion. City Clerk explained exactly what was stricken. Mark stepped up to state he did go to the neighbors and non had an issue with his business and the type. No Liquor License at this time. Just a wholesome enviroment. Colomer was concerned about the Liquor License and wanted to make sure we make this correct for all that apply. Mark stated as soon as the ordinance is amended he will be ready to open. Komick stated he wanted to make sure that he is clear that they wasn’t to strike the minor clause. Colomer stated they will leave the clear windows struck too. A Motion was withdrawn by Komnick and seconded by Faber. A new motion was made by Colomer to approve the amended Ordinace to remove the minor and hours. CM Bradley stated that the items that are stricken would not be replaced with anything. Justin Raver stated amending the ordinance is the way to go. Raver also stated this was a silly Ordinance and he would not prosecute this if it came across his desk. And the City of Kewanee at anytime can change or amend the Ordinances for all and any business in town. Colomer just wanted to makesure that we are completing this Ordinance so that years from now we are not looking at the same result. Motion made by Council Member Colomer and seconded by Komnick. Motion passed with 5 ayes no nays

• Ordinance providing for the issuance of $299,245.00 General Obligation Refunding Bonds a Motion made by Faber and seconded by Colomer. Speer Financial discussed the general obligations bonds. These are one year roll over bonds. They are issued annually. Used for Alternate revenue. The best bid was State Bank of Toulon at 1.4%. Faber confirmed this is pretty general fit and just interest changed from last year. Motion passed with 5 ayes and no nays.

OTHER BUSINESS Council Communications

• First to go was Council Member Yaklich-Wanted to commend the Veterans day program at the Legion. Best Wishes to the Wetherfield team in the playoffs. Last,,getting a lot of calls in regards to the cannabis meeting and looking for another meeting.

• Council Member Faber- Would love to see a fuller house at the next Cannabis forum. Prospect street was so well taken care of during Halloween by our Officers. Great Job!! Also wanted to check on the warming stations. May need to be refreshed.

• Council member Colomer wanted to thank all the veteran out there and all that they have done. Also thank you for the school field days that we had at the City Hall. Thinks more classes should be involved and try a visit. Good Luck to the Titans.

• Council Member Komnick went to the American Legion and enjoyed the presentation. Thank you to all tht did attend the Cannabis meeting. And encourage to come to the next one. We need more opions to make the best decision. Faber asked for another forum with speakers. Faber stated they are looking speakers that are pro and opposed. Just wanting to see both sides. Great presentation at OSF that they were able to attend. Komnick stated at IML he got some useful information.

• Mayor Moore wanted to thank the Hospital Trust for donating the Lucas Device CPR device. Greatly appreciated. Congratulations to the Boilermakers for a great season and good luck to the Titans as they continue for the state title. Kewanee Girls Golf team competing at the State Tourney. Great job.


• No burning on Saturday during the Football game.

There being no further business, Council Member Yaklich moved to adjourn the meeting and Council Member Komnick seconded the motion. Roll call showed 5 ayes, no nays. The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

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