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Friday, December 13, 2019

City of Moline City Council met November 5

By Rock Island Today Reports | Nov 12, 2019

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City of Moline City Council met Nov. 5.

Here is the agenda provided by the council:

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation – Alderman Potter

Roll Call

Consent Agenda

All items under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussions of these items unless a Council Member so requests, in which case, the item will be moved from the Consent Agenda and considered as the first item after the Omnibus Vote.

Approval of Minutes & Appointments Made

Committee-of-the-Whole and Council meeting minutes of October 29, 2019.


1. Council Bill/Resolution 1138-2019

A Resolution amending the current Revenue Reciprocal Agreement on Exchange of Information between the City of Moline and the Illinois Department of Revenue to update the City’s authorized personnel under the Agreement.

Explanation: This resolution will amend the current Reciprocal Agreement on Exchange of Information to update the names of employees needing access. This amendment must be approved to allow the City to continue receiving confidential sales tax information by its authorized personnel from the Illinois Department of Revenue. Additional documentation attached.

Fiscal Impact: N/A

Public Notice/Recording: The Finance Director will file with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

2. Council Bill/Resolution 1139-2019

A Resolution authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute and attest to a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Moline and the Moline-Coal Valley School District No. 40 regarding Notification of Exposure to Trauma.

Explanation: The City of Moline and the Moline-Coal Valley School District No. 40 recognize that childhood exposure to violence and trauma, without the right supports, is often associated with increased risk of poor outcomes in emotional, behavioral and physical health over the life span. Children exposed to violence and trauma are also at a higher risk of poor school related outcomes and are more likely to enter the criminal justice system later in life, which can contribute to generational cycles of violence and system involvement. The Handle with Care project directly addresses the goal of mitigating these negative impacts of exposure to trauma when it does occur, by providing support and on-site, trauma focused interventions by school staff and/or mental health providers, if necessary, to children identified by local law enforcement and school personnel. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will focus on notification to the school system by the Moline Police Department when a child is exposed to trauma in the home or in the community to enable the child’s school to handle the child with care upon his or her arrival at school the next school day following the incident. Designated point persons within each school will disseminate the notification to appropriate individuals, provide identified students with a safe person and space to receive additional supports, determine a need for on-going counseling or other intervention, etc., and maintain confidentiality of the student information. Additional documentation attached.

Fiscal Impact: N/A

Public Notice/Recording: N/A

Omnibus Vote

Non - Consent Agenda

First Reading Ordinances

3. Council Bill/General Ordinance 3028-2019

An Ordinance amending Chapter 4, “ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR,” of the

Moline Code of Ordinances, by enacting one new Section 4-4110, “SALES OF SINGLE SERVING CONTAINERS OF ALCOHOLIC LIQUORS,” to regulate the retail sale of single serving containers of certain alcoholic liquors in their original packaging.

Explanation: In Chapter 4 of the Moline Code of Ordinances, “ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR,” the City has adopted ordinances and promulgated rules and regulations concerning the sale and possession of alcoholic liquors. In the exercise of its home rule powers, and to promote the health, safety and welfare of its residents, the City desires to amend the Code to restrict the retail sale of single serving containers of certain alcoholic liquors in their original packaging. The proposed ordinance lists the restricted sales by types of alcohol, single container minimums by volume (ounces and liters) and multiple purchase aggregate totals. The restricted sales will apply to any holder of a City of Moline Class A, AA, B, C, CC, CCC, D, E, F, FF, G, H or K liquor license.

Fiscal impact: N/A

Public Notice/Recording: N/A

4. Council Bill/General Ordinance 3029-2019

An Ordinance amending Chapter 21, “NUISANCES IN GENERAL,” of the Moline Code of Ordinances, by enacting one new Article III, “REGISTRATION OF VACANT PROPERTIES AND PROPERTIES WITH DEFAULTED MORTGAGES.”

Explanation: This item was presented and discussed at the 10/08/19 and 10/29/19 COW meetings, and the attached proposed ordinance amendment includes changes requested and/or approved by the City Council at those meetings. Those changes include the following:

 The definition of “registrable property” shall mean any property that is vacant for more than 90 days instead of 30 days. It also now includes a provision that exempts from registration a property owner or tenant of a property who has made arrangements to meet the maintenance requirements of Section 21-3106, and a provision that exempts a rental property that is already listed on a registry maintained by the City.

 The initial registration fee will be $150 instead of $300. The registration fee will increase by $100 for each subsequent semi-annual registration, i.e., the first renewal fee will be $250, the second renewal fee will be $350, and so on.

The following contains information also presented at the meetings:

The City wishes to expand upon its efforts to revitalize and stabilize its neighborhoods by adding a proactive process to address the deterioration, crime, and decline in value of Moline neighborhoods caused by vacant properties and properties with defaulted mortgages. By identifying these properties at an early stage, the City is in a better position to monitor and respond to any adverse consequences arising from the vacancy or economic circumstances leading to the foreclosure. The City has determined that owner-occupied structures are generally better maintained when compared to vacant structures, even with a diligent off-site property owner. Vacant structures or structures owned by individuals who are under economic stress and unable to meet their mortgage obligations are often not properly or diligently maintained; consequently, they contribute to blight and declining property values and have a negative impact on social perception of the areas where they are located. The City therefore intends to establish the property registry program for “registrable property,” as defined in the ordinance, as a mechanism to help protect Moline’s neighborhoods from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance of certain properties that are vacant, foreclosed and/or in default or defaulted, and to provide a mechanism to avert foreclosure actions through timely intervention, education, or counseling of property owners.

This ordinance amendment will provide for the implementation of the registry program and for the penalties and enforcement of its regulations by City staff and/or a contracted entity. Any property in violation may be deemed a public nuisance and is subject to the City’s actions to ensure compliance, which may include placement of a lien on the property.

Fiscal impact: Revenue generated by registration fee; anticipated decrease in future City enforcement costs pursuant to reduction of blighted properties.

Public Notice/Recording: Pamphlet Publication

5. Council Bill/General Ordinance 3030-2019

An Ordinance amending Chapter 7, “ANIMALS AND FOWL,” of the Moline Code of Ordinances, Section 7-1109A, “DEER HUNTING,” by repealing subsections (1), (1)(a), (1)(f), and (2)(a)(2)(e) in their entirety and enacting in lieu thereof new subsections (1), (1)(a), (1)(f), and (2)(a)(2)(e) dealing with the same subject matter.

Explanation: Section 7-1109A concerns the hunting of deer within the City. These amendments update Section 7-1109A to 1) permit use of a crossbow as an accommodation for a documented disability; 2) establish that archery deer hunting will only be allowed on those specific dates annually designated as deer bow season by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources rather than requiring an annual decision by the City of Moline; and 3) require use of the City’s on-line portal to report all deer harvested to the Police Department.

Fiscal impact: N/A

Public Notice/Recording: N/A

6. Council Bill/General Ordinance 3031-2019

An Ordinance proposing the approval of a Business District Plan for the proposed Marquis Harbor-West Business District and fixing a time and place for a Public Hearing date on the plan and designation of the Business District.

Explanation: As part of the Lease Agreement for the proposed Captain’s Table restaurant to be constructed at Marquis Harbor, the City has agreed to establish a Business District pursuant to the Illinois Business District Development and Redevelopment Business District Law. As an initial step in this process, the City is obliged to adopt the Business District Plan, which describes the proposed Business District, the proposed development project objectives, project costs, and how the Business District will assist with certain eligible project costs. The ordinance will also set forth the time, place, and date of a public hearing related to the adoption of said Business District Plan. City staff wishes to set the hearing date as November 19, 2019, to move this matter forward; given that there is no City Council meeting scheduled for November 12, 2019, staff is requesting consideration of this item. Additional documentation attached. CONSIDERATION REQUESTED.

Fiscal Impact: Facilitate the payment of certain project costs

Public Notice/Recording: N/A

Miscellaneous Business (if necessary)

Public Comment

Members of the Public are permitted to speak after coming to the podium and stating their names.

Executive Session (if necessary)

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