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Sunday, January 19, 2020

City of Moline Committee of the Whole met October 15

By Rock Island Today Reports | Nov 14, 2019

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City of Moline Committee of the Whole met Oct. 15.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

PRESENT: Mayor Stephanie Acri (Chair)

Alderman Scott Williams (Ward 1)

Alderman David Parker, Jr. (Ward 2)

Alderman Mike Wendt (Ward 3)

Alderman Richard “Dick” Potter (Ward 4)

Alderman Sam Moyer (Ward 5)

Alderman Kevin Schoonmaker (Ward 6)

Alderman Mike Waldron (Ward 7)

Alderman Sonia Berg (Alderman At-Large)


STAFF: J.D. Schulte, Public Works Director and Interim City Administrator

Amy Saunders, Deputy City Clerk

Alison Fleming, Human Resources Manager

Lori Wilson, Parks Recreation Director

Don Goff, Information Technology Manager

Brian Johnson, Police Captain

Jeff Snyder, Fire Chief

Carol Barnes, Finance Director

Jeff Anderson, City Planner

Keith Verbeke, Finance Manager

Tony Loete, Utilities General Manager

Bob Bohannon, Laboratory Chemist

K. J. Whitley, Community Development Program Manager

Rhonda Bartz, Public Works Executive Assistant

OTHERS: Derke Price, Ancel Glink

Colonel Marr, Rock Island Arsenal

Jon Ramsdell, Rock Island Arsenal

Luis Arena, Resident

Mayor Acri called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers.


A Proclamation from K. J. Whitley, Community Development Program Manager, to proclaim October 20-26, 2019, as “National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week”.

Questions on the Agenda

Mayor Acri pulled Item #3 from the Committee-of-the-Whole Agenda.

Agenda Items

1. A Resolution authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute and attest to a Collection Agreement with FEDChex Recovery, LLC. Keith Verbeke, Finance Manager, explained that the City’s Finance Department solicits bids for collection services by a request for proposals (RFP) every 5 years, with the last RFP being issued in 2014. Collection services are used once City staff has exhausted all efforts to collect outstanding account balances. In June, the Finance Department issued a new RFP, and 11 proposals were received and reviewed by a City selection committee. FEDChex Recovery, LLC submitted the most responsive and responsible proposal. The company has 18 years of experience in providing collection services to government agencies, and it offers a contingent, commission based fee of 18% in comparison to the previous commission fee of 19%. The term of the agreement would be for one year with annual renewals. A motion was made by Alderman Schoonmaker to approve. Seconded by Alderman Potter. There was discussion. Alderman Wendt made a motion to direct staff to have a conversation with the collection agency and return to Council with a tiered collection fee system at an appropriate rate. Seconded by Alderman Berg. The amendment passed unanimously. The original motion with amendment passed unanimously.

2. A Resolution authorizing the Director of Public Works to submit a Concept Memorandum for Water System Operations and Maintenance at the Rock Island Arsenal and to further authorize City staff to begin working on formulation of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the United States for said services. J.D. Schulte, Director of Public Works and Interim City Administrator, indicated that at the August 6, 2019 Committee- of-the-Whole meeting, the City Council authorized staff to investigate viability of an agreement for water system operations and maintenance with the Rock Island Arsenal. Staff has completed this preliminary investigation and found that such an agreement for services would be mutually beneficial to both the City and the United States. This resolution would allow staff to submit preliminary findings to the Rock Island Arsenal Garrison Commander in the form of a concept memorandum. If the Commander agrees in concept, this resolution would authorize staff to continue discussions with the Commander to develop a formal one-year intergovernmental agreement for said services. In addition, staff would concurrently discuss and develop plans for a transition to provision of potable water to Rock Island Arsenal from Moline’s water system. Tony Loete, Utilities General Manager, gave a PowerPoint presentation concerning the water system operations and maintenance plan for the Rock Island Arsenal. Colonel Marr from the Rock Island Arsenal also addressed the Council concerning the Rock Island Arsenal’s interest in entering into an intergovernmental services agreement with the City of Moline. A motion was made by Alderman Potter to approve. Seconded by Alderman Wendt. There was discussion. Alderman Waldron made a motion to table this item until a new City Administrator is hired. Seconded by Alderman Berg. The motion to table carried with Aldermen Williams, Wendt, Potter and Moyer voting nay.

3. A Resolution authorizing approval of a request for a street light at the intersection of 38th Avenue and 35th Street, Moline. This item was pulled from the Agenda by Mayor Acri.

4. An Ordinance amending Chapter 2, “ADMINISTRATION,” of the Moline Code of Ordinances, by repealing subsections (a) and (b) of Sec. 2-2400, “STAFF TRAFFIC COMMITTEE; COUNCIL REVIEW,” in their entirety and enacting in lieu thereof new subsections (a), (b) and (c) relating to the same subject matter; and amending Chapter 20, “MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC,” of the Moline Code of Ordinances, as follows: by repealing Sec. 20-2156, “PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES PARKING; RESIDENTIAL,” in its entirety and enacting in lieu thereof one new Sec. 20-2156, “DESIGNATED PARKING FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES; RESIDENTIAL,” relating to the same subject matter; by repealing Sec. 20-5124(b), referencing Appendix 24 as a listing of persons with disabilities parking spaces within the City, in its entirety; and by repealing Appendix 24 in its entirety. Derke Price, Corporation Counsel, explained that City staff recommends amendments to the Moline Code of Ordinances to include members of staff who comprise the City’s Traffic Committee and to reflect the City’s formal procedure in administering requests for designated parking for persons with disabilities and requests for signage and barricades (other than for crosswalk location and traffic control devices requiring an engineering study and opinion letter under the Illinois Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices). The Traffic Committee will be comprised of the City Engineer, Public Works Director, Police Chief and Fire Chief, or designees thereof. The Committee may, upon application from a resident and where circumstances warrant, designate parking spaces on City streets in residential areas that are restricted to use by persons with a state-issued persons with disabilities parking permit; the designated parking space shall be in recognition of the need for such a space within the residential area, but shall not be for the sole use of one applicant. Upon approval of a designated parking space for persons with disabilities, the City shall be responsible for furnishing and installing signage to mark the space; other improvements for access to and from the designated space will be the responsibility of the applicant. All other requests relating to traffic, including but not limited to street parking regulations and pedestrian safety programs, shall be referred to the Traffic Committee for its recommendation, then to the City Council for a final determination. This ordinance will also delete Chapter 20’s Appendix 24 to remove the listing of spaces currently designated as persons with disabilities parking spaces because they are fluid and change. A motion was made by Alderman Wendt to approve. Seconded by Alderman Berg. Motion passed unanimously.

Public Comment

Moline resident, Luis Arena, addressed the Council concerning a complaint he received from the City about his RV being stored at his residence. He has since moved the RV to a storage facility. Mr. Serrano suggested amending Chapter 35 of the Moline Code of Ordinances concerning the size allowance for storage of RVs at residences. Mayor Acri responded that she will direct staff to look into this issue and will address this matter at a later date.

The meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m.

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