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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Village of Carbon Cliff Board of Trustees met October 1

By Rock Island Today Reports | Nov 1, 2019


Village of Carbon Cliff Board of Trustees met Oct. 1.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

Village President Hintz called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Members President: Todd Cantrell, Keith Curry, Robert Dreher, LeeVon Harris, Alma Neels, Larry Scott

Members Absent: None

Others Present: Loren Rains, Village Engineer with IMEG; Chris Hicks, Dispatch Reporter; Nick Gottwalt, Director of Community & Administrative Services (D.O.C.A.S.); & Karen L. Hopkins, Village Clerk

Hearing of the Citizens:

Alma Neels spoke on behalf of the Eagle Ridge Outreach. Alma read a letter from Bill Seiss with Eagle Ridge Outreach they are wanting to start back up the Summer Lunch Program. This would be held at the Christ United Methodist Carbon Cliff Community Center. Christ United Methodist Church has remodeled the building and is using it as a Community Center.

This would be for the 2020 summer as a four-week program. They are request a donation from the Village next year to help with the cost of the program.

Village President’s Agenda items discussed:

• Briefly discussed the Preliminary Engineering Report presented by IMEG, Jack Kusek on needing a water treatment plant to help with future radium problems. Everyone is agreeing the Reverse Osmosis type water treatment will be best for the Village overall. This is looking at cost of construction, future chemical cost, maintenance, etc.

• Village President Bill Hintz approved McClintock Trucking and Excavating Inc. to excavate and grade the ditches from 1st Street to the Pond along 1st Avenue. Trustees at last board meeting felt there was a need to do these ditches also, it was decided at the last meeting to look at the change order for the current project and see if $9,000.00 had been saved and unused to pay for this addition work. The change orders were checked and did warrant enough funds saved on the project to fund this additional portion.

• The Village did refinance the loan paying for the Orchard Court Drainage Project, the total amount due on the original loan is $171,368.50 is now refinance for a 5-year loan, 3% interest, payments of $3,080.43 with last payment estimated at this time to be $3,080.50. With this refinancing it knocked a year of what would have been on original loan, original loan matured in 2022 needing a new loan for the balance, locked in the 3% interest rate, this is saving over $30,000.00 by doing the refinancing this way.

Meetings / Conferences:

• D.O.C.A.S. Nick Gottwalt will be attending the Upper Mississippi River Conference, October 23-24, 2019 at Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center, Moline, Illinois.

Committee Meeting items:

Minutes of the Administration Committee meeting of September 10, 2019 was presented, but not read out loud. They consist of the following information:

• Discussed Budget items for 2020 Budget

• Discussed employee wages, all with receive 2%, Ben Allen will receive 3% to bring him up where he should be with other employees and years of service.

• Discussed Employee Compensation Package for FY 2020.

• Approved purchase of Halloween candy, not to exceed $300.00 – Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department will pass out during Trick-or-Treat hours on October 31, 2019 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

• Approved purchase of Halloween Kits (Reflective Trick-or-Treat Bag, Say Boo to Drugs Bracelet (reflective) and a Lollipop from Positive Promotions total cost $382.88. These will be handed out at Eagle Ridge School with Deputies having the extras to give to kits without them along with the candy.

• Approved donation of $1,000.00 to “Cops & Kids at Christmas” program ran by the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department; this is for the 2020 Budget.

• Will put in 2020 budget $1,500.00 for Phoenix Center Thanksgiving Meal.

• MUNICES invoice for the last two years was sent to us, total for the two years is $6,976.00. There is enough budgeted this year to cover the cost. Should be less next year.

• Reynolds Ford sent the Village a statement for $1,131.06. Clerk Hopkins called Reynolds Ford and it was discovered this bill was action the Carbon Cliff – Barstow Fire Protect District bill.

Old Business items discussed:

• Update on Water Tower – AT&T cell phone cables are put over the top the Village’s hatch into the tower, then above that there is a cabinet that both prevent the hatch from being opened. AT&T was out today and moved all the necessary cables and cabinets so that the hatch can fully be assessible and able to open. Nick will get ahold of Midco Diving to schedule their return to clean and inspection the tower, when here previously the hatch was only able to open a couple inches.

• Much discussion on the 2019 Street and Drainage Project between the Trustees and Loren Rains the Village Engineer with IMEG.

• Update on the streetlights out on Highway 84 from Carbon Cliff all the way to Silvis. Clerk Hopkins called IDOT, they had them report (Davenport Electric does their electric and streetlight work.). He would check on it again, most likely they were waiting for parts.

New Business items discussed:

• A Trustee brought up about mud on North 2nd Avenue (Highway 84) that appears to be coming from McDowell’s entrance. Clerk Hopkins will call Jim or Judy McDowell and ask them to please keep eye on this and clean as necessary.

• Clerk Hopkins informed the Board the need to borrow $65,000.00 from the Hotel Tax Fund to deposit into the General Fund to cover Bills and Payroll for this Board Meeting.

Motion 1: Motion by Neels to establish the Consent Agenda, as follows:

5. Village President’s Agenda:

b. Approve Reverse Osmosis method for treating radium as outlined in the PER (Preliminary Engineering Report) presented by Jack Kusek (Village Engineer with IMEG).

c. Acknowledge and ratify Village President, Bill Hintz’s approval for McClintock Trucking and Excavating Inc., to excavate and grade the ditches from 1st Street to the Pond along 1st Avenue.

d. Adopt Ordinance No. 2019-25, “An Ordinance Acknowledging And Ratifying The Execution Of A Promissory Note – Commercial Loan With Blackhawk Bank & Trust For The Refinancing Of Orchard Court Drainage Project In The Amount Of $171,368.50, At An Interest Rate of 3% Executed By The Village President”.

9. Minutes / Reports / Public Notices:

a. Minutes of the September 10, 2019, Administration Committee Meeting, as presented – approved / filed; and

b. I-EPA Notice of Application for Permit to Manage Waste (LPC-PA16), Dated September 13, 2019. Site Name: Upper Rock Island County Landfill – 17201 20th Avenue North, East Moline, Illinois. IEPA ID#1618100014 – Description of Project: Response to Condition VI.23 which provides an Annual Leachate Evaluation – Place on view for public comment.

12. Bills / Payroll / Transfers & Voided Checks:

Second by Curry. Motion carried by the following roll call vote: Cantrell-yes, Curry-yes, Dreher-yes, Harris-yes, Neels-yes, Scott-yes 6-yes, 0-no, 0-absent.

Motion 2: Motion by Scott to approve Consent Agenda as established:

5. b., c., d. Village President’s Agenda

9. a., b. Minutes / Reports / Public Notices

12. a. Bills / Payroll / Transfers & Voided Checks.

Second by Cantrell. Motion carried by the following roll call vote:

Cantrell-yes, Curry-yes, Dreher-yes, Harris-yes, Neels-yes, Scott-yes

6-yes, 0-no, 0-absent.

Motion 3: Motion by Cantrell to adjourn. Second by Neels.

Motion carried by the following roll call vote:

Cantrell-yes, Curry-yes, Dreher-yes, Harris-yes, Neels-yes, Scott-yes

6-yes, 0-no, 0-absent.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m

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