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Coal Valley trustees meet to discuss unfinished business

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By Rock Island Today Reports | Sep 27, 2016

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The Village of Coal Valley board of trustees met Wednesday, Sept. 7.

"The board of trustees, consisting of six (6) members, shall be elected to office for a four (4) year term, but at no time shall all members of the board be elected at the same time. Three (3) members of the board shall be elected at each biennial election, according to the method provided by statute. The board shall be the legislative department of the village government, and shall perform such duties and have such powers as may be delegated by statute to it."

Here are the meeting minutes as provided by the Village of Coal Valley board of trustees:


Held September 7, 2016 at 6:00 pm, in the Board Chambers in Village Hall, Coal Valley, Illinois

1. Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Village Board was called to order at 6:00 pm Mayor Emil Maslanka.

2. Roll Call

Present: Dick Stone, Dale Keppy, Mike Bartels, Bruce Crowe, Kathy Cornish Absent: Dave Timmons

Establishment of a quorum.

3. Pledge of Allegiance

Staff present at the meeting were: Annette Ernst – Village Administrator, Penny Woods – Assistant Village Administrator, Amber Dennis – Village Clerk, Jack Chick – Chief of Police.

4. Reading and Approval of Minutes

A Motion was made by Mike Bartels to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting held August 17, 2016, Dick Stone seconded, all ayes motion was carried.

5. Public Presentation/ Recognition and/or Public Comments

Kevin Stickell – Approached the Board regarding a complaint he has regarding fencing around pools. He read the code and asked that the Village to look at one of his neighbor’s fences and its lock system.

6. Reports from the President and Other Officers (on matters not otherwise appearing on the Agenda)

A. President – Mayor Maslanka stated that he received word from the project manager from the State of Illinois regarding the water project, and it has received approval from the permits division. The water project is moving forward. Mayor Maslanka got information from the Buysse Addition Board that they are not interested in hooking on to Village water at this point in time, however there are a few residents on Deere Hollow Road that would like to connect.

B. Trustees – Dick Stone asked if there are performance measures for the garbage company, Allied Waste. Mr. Stone said that the service is not getting recycle carts picked up and missing garbage carts regularly. Ms. Ernst stated that she and Penny Woods had a meeting with the operations manager and they are stating that they are siting faulty equipment to employee turnover being the problem, and Ms. Ernst stated that Allied understood the problems and are working to alleviate them.

Dale Keppy asked about finding Don Dyer who owes the Village approximately $6,000 after removing asbestos from the former Nazarene Church and its parsonage. Chief Chick stated that he found a Don Dyer out of California.

Mr. Keppy also read a letter regarding the water infrastructure project. Mr. Keppy said that he has been listening to residents and he hears that more residents are uncertain of the job as well as himself. Mr. Keppy wants to see the business model that will show the cash flow. Mayor Maslanka stated that he and the staff are looking to revise the “$20/month” fee to residents to get a more accurate number. Mayor Maslanka will still continue to talk to the subdivisions surrounding that do not have Village water. Mayor Maslanka stated that he is still waiting to see what the State comes back with in the loan application.

C. Staff – Annette Ernst stated that the Village has a signed contract for the surplus property at the old maintenance garage and are waiting to get a closing date to get a transfer of funds on that. Ms. Ernst explained that she, Mayor Maslanka and Chief Chick will be going over the parking ordinance and invited any Trustees that would like to come. She also conveyed that applications are coming in for the Accounting Assistant/Village Clerk position and interviews will be held in October. Ms. Ernst stated that Public Works has been busy tarring streets and they are just below $20,000 spent and $30,000 is what was budgeted. Public Works have also power washed the First Street Pavilion and will be putting epoxy down once the humidity breaks.

Penny Woods stated that she will start submitting paperwork for the general liability and workers comp insurance.

Chief Chick stated that he ran into a problem last week with a resident that was moving out, hired a semi and it took out a light pole on East 6th and East 19th

Avenue. Chief Chick stated that if residents have a POD delivered it can be on the driveway for 7 days. Chief Chick stated that they will be doing another active shooter drill at the Elementary school in October.

7. Unfinished Business

A. Parking Ordinance Removal-

Mayor Maslanka put this on the agenda to get an official motion to remove the parking ordinance, because the complete ordinance is not complete. Dick Stone made a motion to remove the parking ordinance potion of the traffic ordinance. Kathy Cornish seconded, roll call: Stone; aye, Keppy; aye, Bartels; aye, Crowe; aye, Cornish; aye. Motion carried.

8. New Business

Security Bids -

Chief Chick stated that there are bids in each packet with bids for bullet proof glass for the front office and back Police Department door and security cameras. Security Solutions is the manufacturer of the bullet proof glass and received a bid of $4,572.00 to do the glass in the front reception area and making the wall and door bullet proof. The bid only includes product only, the labor would be done by Village staff. Chief Chick stated that the bid to do the Police Department door is $5,027.00. Chief Chick also received bids for a lock and camera system that would be installed. Mike Bartels asked if any incidents have happened in the lobby. Chief Chick stated that there have been times when irate customers have been in the front lobby and had to be physically removed. Kathy Cornish stated that she would be in support of bullet proofing the front and the Police Department. Chief Chick stated to save on cost the back door could be replaced with a steel-clad door. Chief Chick stated that he could bring more bids back and have the safety features done in phases. The total bids together would be approximately $24,000. Discussion held. Mayor Maslanka treated this item as an informational item with no objections.

B. Payment of the Bills

Dick Stone asked what the status of the Audit is. Penny Woods stated that the on-site audit is finished and she’s looking to hear from Mr. Gabelmann to schedule a presentation. The payment to Gabelmann is a partial payment. Mr. Stone asked about the bill form Ferguson. Penny Woods stated that it’s for a new transponder to read water meters, and the other bill is for a new water meter at Valley Meats. Stone asked what the purchase for Halloween bags was for. Chief Chick stated that the Police Department purchases decorative bags for the students at Bicentennial Elementary, and the supply that was ordered will last the next few years. Mike Bartels made a motion to approve payment of the bills. Kathy Cornish seconded, roll call: Stone; aye, Keppy; aye, Bartels; aye, Crowe; aye, Cornish; aye. Motion carried.

C. Discussion of Craftco Tarring Machine –

Mayor Maslanka stated that 80% of the Village streets will be tarred once the project is complete for the fall. Mayor Maslanka asked the Board if it would be in the best interest to finish the project in the spring and include First Street and restripe at that time. Ms. Ernst stated that Public Works would rather keep the craftco machine another month to do First Street. Bruce Crowe made a recommendation to go with a one month extension to rent the machine and purchase the product. Dick Stone seconded, roll call: Stone; aye, Keppy; aye, Bartels; aye, Crowe; aye, Cornish; aye. Motion carried.

D. Executive Session –

Kathy Cornish made a motion to enter into executive session. Dale Keppy seconded, roll call: Stone; aye, Keppy; aye, Bartels; aye, Crowe; aye, Cornish; aye. Motion carried.

Kathy Cornish made a motion to exit executive session. Dick Stone seconded, roll call: Stone; aye, Keppy; aye, Bartels; aye, Crowe; aye, Cornish; aye. Motion carried.

9. Adjournment

Kathy Cornish made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Dick Stone seconded, all ayes, motion was carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Amber Dennis Village Clerk

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